Socialize Your Puppy!

Introduce your new puppy to other dogs in a safe, supervised environment.

Puppy Playdates (45 minutes per session)

The puppy socialization period is a short and critical time frame that will help shape the personality of your adult dog. Our Puppy Playdates offer a perfect opportunity for your new puppy to learn to play and interact with other dogs and people in a safe, supervised environment – like an indoor dog park, only better!

With Puppy Playdates, you and your dog will learn the important lessons of:

  • doggy etiquette
  • bite inhibition
  • proper play
  • body language

Your first Puppy Playdate is absolutely FREE, then play again every week for just $10.00 (plus HST) per visit. Ask us how you can get FREE Puppy Playdate passes when you sign up for a Basic Companion Class!

Our Puppy Playdates are open to all dogs between 9 to 20 weeks of age, with at least their second set of vaccinations. Reservations and a copy of vaccination records are required.

In order to attend Puppy Playdate sessions, begin by filling in our Registration Form.

 ***Note that Puppy Playdates are restricted to a maximum of 12 students per session.  Once you’ve registered, call or email the Doggieland location you wish to attend Puppy Playdates at, to check availability and reserve your spot!