Build a happy, positive relationship with your dog. Choose the training option that’s the best fit for you and your dog.

Doggieland believes that training is key to building a happy and positive relationship with your dog.

Doggieland is proud to have partnered with Hadley Priest (of Hadley’s Hounds).  Hadley is an amazing trainer who has over 7 years of experience training and working extensively with reactive dogs.

We have a number of training options available to fit your needs:

Group Training Sessions:

We offer Group Training Classes at both our Bloor West and North Toronto locations.

The following classes are offered at both locations (click on the links for a description of the class):

Basic Companion Classes – These classes are ideal for dogs of any age, to teach them basic obedience and many other skills.  These classes consist of 6 unique modules which are non-sequential, so students can join at any time and include UNLIMITED lessons for the life of your dog.  The cost for these classes is $395.00 + HST.

Social Skills Classes – These classes are ideal for any dogs exhibiting socially inappropriate behaviors, including (but not  limited to): being shy or timid, barking uncontrollably, lunging or snapping at other dogs, growling or being overly excitable.  These classes consist of 4 weekly lessons which are non-sequential, so students can join at any time.  The cost for these classes is $250.00 + HST. Dogs having completed these classes are also eligible to attend our Social Skills Alumni Sessions.

North Toronto Location Class Schedule:

Tuesday’s at 7:15 pm – Puppy Playdate (First Puppy Playdate is FREE!  Subsequent visits $15/each + HST)

Tuesday’s at 8:00 pm – Basic Companion (The cost for this program is $395.00 + HST)

Wednesday’s at 7:15 pm – Social Skills Classes (The cost for these classes is $250.00 + HST)

Wednesday’s at 8pm – Adult Playgroup (The cost for these sessions is $15.00 + HST per visit) 

Bloor West Location Class Schedule:

Monday’s at 7:15 pm – Social Skills Classes (The cost for these classes is $250.00 + HST)

Monday’s at 8pm – Social Skills Alumni Sessions (The cost for these sessions is $20.00 + HST per visit)

Thursday’s at 7:15 pm – Puppy Playdate  (First Puppy Playdate is FREE!  Subsequent visits $15/each + HST)

Thursday’s at 8:00 pm – Basic Companion (The cost for this program is $395.00 + HST)

To register for any of the group training sessions noted above, please click on this registration link and submit your registration!
Note that all of our group classes and sessions have a limited class size.   Call or email the Doggieland location you wish to attend to check availability and reserve your spot!

If you have additional questions about the group classes, feel free to email us at for additional information.

Daycare & Train Program (available at all locations):

 Life Skills 101 – In Daycare Training 

(Click on the link above for a full breakdown of the program)

This program is intended for dogs that need some work on basic manners. The focus is on teaching your pet to learn key commands to help them listen to you. We focus on teaching your dog how to calm themselves down, make good behaviour choices, and respond to direction from you.

This program costs $1,900.00 (plus HST) and includes the cost of the 12 half-day’s of daycare.  (For an additional price, these days can be extended to a full day of daycare).

If you have questions about our Daycare & Train Program, you can email us at, or click this Registration Link to register for the program.  Once your registration is submitted, the trainer will contact you to discuss a start date and schedule an in-person consultation with you and your dog.

One-on-One Training at your Home (available at all locations):

Session 1 – consult & first lesson (90-120 min)

Session 2 – 90 minute lesson

Session 3 – 60 minute lesson

The first two sessions are two weeks apart, and the third session is anywhere from 2-4 weeks apart, depending on how much practice time your dog needs.  The cost for this option is $695.00 (plus HST).  Availability of One-On-One Training at your home is subject to your location and the availability of the trainer.  For more details, please email:

If you have any questions about our training, please feel free to email us at for information.  You can also visit our FAQ page for more information as well.